CARD PRINTER Issuing cards instantly is never a difficult task with the help of a direct thermal printer. We provide the solution to cater to different needs, such as direct printing onto cards and dye sublimation retransfer technology which is suitable for chip cards or printing of sticker backing card that can be stick on your clamshell proximity card. This can later be removed and recycled if your staff resigns.


HiTi printer HiTi CS-200e

Hiti CS-200e features a compact and lightweight body design, photo realistic quality and wide ranging flexible modules for superior ,reliable quality prints. Thanks to the lightweight design of an approximation of 4.9 kg (10.8 lbs) and neat dimension, the Hiti CS-200e offers productivity and versatility for ideal ID card issuance solution. Its supplenessis also proven by providing the optional flexible add-on and upgrading modules, such as flipper module to make CS-200e a duplex printer, magnetic encoding module, RFID encoding module, Ethernet connection module and so on…

HiTi CS-200e




 RE-transfer printer RE-TRANSFER PRINTER 

Re-Transfer printer is an amazing technology that allows you to print FULL COLOR, FULL BLEED images in perfect color without the pitfalls of traditional dye sublimation card printing.

XID8300 SpecificationCX D80 SpecificationHDP5000 SpecificationZXP Series 8 specification





micropoise with stamp MicroPOISE Auto card feeder

The MicroPOISE™ Auto card feeder can apply all Hot stamped foil features including, registered holograms, wallpaper holograms, Securigrafix, Datafoil, Microtext Micro-embossing onto ISO standard plastic cards. A flexible desktop Security hologram foiling machine for centralised and point of issue document protection application applying all hot stamping and embossing features.* WE ALSO CARRY OPTIONAL FEEDER TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS. CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Micropoise Specification






Offering a variety of set up and connectivity options, Zebra’s Performance Line printers are ideal for corporate and student IDs, membership cards, government IDs, hospital staff IDs, gift cards and more..

P330i SpecificationP420i Specification





LAPIS Lamina 006

is result of many years of experience in development and manufacturing of Laminators, a perfectly Engineered laminator for heavy duty application, to meet all requirements for the Plastic card applications.

Lamina 006 LAPIS





Amphi II

HiTi 640Amphi II

This is designed to print the unique 4 x 7 inch plastic card (0.4mm) with photo quality tosatisfy the demand of larger sized identification badge to be visible from a distance.

Amphi2 Specification






Manual swipe to read or write data with a single pass via ID Tech EzWriter. Enable to read or write both loco or hico of various tracks (Track 1, 2 or 3) with batch data encoding.