Smartstripe provide you a variety of plastic cards including membership/ loyalty/ Vip cards, employee identifications/ Security pass, Contactless/ RFID,  Oversize/ perforated cards, Gift card/ Scratch foil, hotel Key cards/ luggage tags, PVC adhesive cards.

plastic card PLASTIC CARD

The most basic cards are made of 100% PVC, size and thickness of a credit cards  that  are commonly use in the market.

This card can be manufactured and print in

– white, translucent or any colours

– Gloss or Matt varnish

– Spot varnish/ texture like finish

– Holographic  stamping to enhance security or visual appeal.

– with magnetic stripes/ barcodes or QR codes

– personalization with texts/ photoimaging



Orversized cards OVERSIZED CARD

Besides the standard thickness or shape, we also provide oversized or customize size cards.  These cards are available in


– CR 89 (91 X 59)mm

– CR90 (92 X 60)mm

– CR100 (98 X 67)mm

– ID3 (125 X 88)mm

– Event Pass (178 X 100)mm

perforated card PERFORATED CARD

These PVC cards are perforated to easily separate into individual cards to suits your unique marketing needs.Some of these usage includes

– memberships cards

– gift cards vouchers,coupons,

– keytags,lucky draw tags etc.

luggagtag LUGGAGE TAG

We supply luggage tags with optional leather straps or PVC tubing for secure tagging of travel bags.   

A printed details panel will enable you to pen down your details for easy recognition.

Available in standard credit card size.  Other sizes are available upon request.


These are cards that reflect your corporate image and tell the public who you are.  Its helps promote  customer loyalty by offering discounts or privileges which are redeemable . These cards available with

– magnetic stripes

– barcodes or QR codes

– PersonaliZed texts and numbers in emboss or thermal print

– personaliZed photo

– holographic printing

– signature panels


Smartstripe offers one-stop bureau services for  your company- from design to card printing to final encoding/barcoding or  supplying of equipments and software to do in-house printing.  Our customised identification program includes the following works.

– corporate logo

– color photo imaging

– variable text

– terms & conditions

– barcode if any

– magnetic stripe if any

– PVC adhesive cards or for contactless cards

– security holographic stamping

– UV, micro printing, watermark and geometric lathe work






A scratch card can be of plastic base or cardboard laminated with clear PVC, where an area contains concealed information such as pin or passwords. Security is the main concern for most clients when dealing with scratch cards, as such cards contain real value.




– made of 100% polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

– credit card size and thickness

– customizable base color

– available with either low or high-coercivity magnetic stripes

– debris free and gloss or matt laminate