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What is Card Printer?


Card Printers issuing cards instantly is never a difficult task with the help of a direct thermal printer.

Smartstripe provides the solution to cater to different needs, such as direct printing onto cards and retransfer technology (which uses dye sublimation) which is suitable for chip cards or printing of sticker backing cards that can be stick on your clamshell proximity card.

This can later be removed and recycled if your staff resigns.


Printers and Consumable


So what types of card printers are there in the market?



Smartstripe has been in the Card Printing & Printer Industry in Singapore for >20 years. Contact us to get more details of these printers and our specialist will be glad to help explain the benefits and cost of each type of printers that suits your needs and budget.

Let Our Sales Specialist Help You With the Right Printer That Suits Your Needs.


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