Hot Stamping Machines

Extremely versatile and is used in a wide range of card applications around the world.
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Hot Stamping Machines

Hot Stamping Machines are extremely versatile and is used in a wide range of applications around the world. Some examples include National ID cards, Driving licenses, Education certificates, Cheques, Import documents, Student cards, Travel visa’s, Credit cards, Airport, and maritime cards, Customs documents, Insurance documents, Limited edition print.





 world-leading secure desktop hologram applicator


  • Trusted by governments, infrastructure authorities, educational institutions, large companies and individuals worldwide to apply security features to security documents and cards of value. Our on-demand systems allow users to apply the security feature as the document is issued, reducing the risk of theft during storage as well as reducing the risk of counterfeit documents in circulation.
  • MicroPOISE™applies security features using a hot foil stamping process. This dramatically increases the security of the document as the feature can not be removed without detection.
  • The MicroPOISE™ Auto card feeder can apply all Hot stamped foil features including, registered holograms, wallpaper holograms, Securigrafix, Datafoil, Microtext Micro-embossing onto ISO standard plastic cards. A flexible desktop Security hologram foiling machine for centralized and point of issue document protection application applying all hot stamping and embossing features.





security stamping machine





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