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Special Base/Effect Material Card

Conventional use of plastic cards has been the norm for as long as we can remember. Due to recent trends and environmental impact, many companies are trying to lessen their carbon footprints and are opting for a more environmentally friendly substitute for plastic cards. Demands for various materialled cards are on the rise and companies are getting increasingly more creative when requesting for new materials to be used in their cards. Each trying to surpass the next in terms of creativity and attractiveness as a marketing strategy.

We have done extensive research and tested on various materials, ranging from recyclable material to materials made from corn; Polylactic acid which is biodegradable, to Wood, Carbon Fiber or even Metal and still experimenting on many more.

In the event where customers insist on having a similar texture or outlook to the mentioned materials above, but are unwilling to use said material for whatever reason, we are able to replicate a similar effect with our state of the art technology and apply our knowledge in achieving what is desired. Eg. A customer once requested to make cards using jeans cloth like material. As we know, cloth is too soft, hence, we mimicked both the look and feel of jeans to create a similar effect in order to meet their request.

Of course, when it comes to signaling social success and status, nothing beats a Metal card. Metal cards have been and still are considered to be one of the top tier cards in the current market. We have had many successful projects leaving our customers more than satisfied with our product, however, with every new innovation comes with a price that not many are willing pay. The process of preparing and making good quality metal cards takes both time and precision especially if it involves a complicated design or RFID chips on metal card.

Although having an RFID chip embedded within the metal card is feasible and many banks do so with their own high end credit cards, it is by no means easy or cheap. The metal itself interferes with the specific wavelength and frequency needed to read the RFID chip and in order to counter this, the cards are programmed to have both contact and contactless features, both leveraging on one another. This makes finding the precise spot for sending specific wavelength and frequency to the RFID reader more seamless.

The manufacturing process for these cards differs from the conventional way antennas are embedded within the cards, and hence unless there is a substantial quantity, using this concept would be far too expensive and other methods are recommended. Nevertheless, if customers are insistent on having a RFID chip on a pure metal card, we can also suggest attaching it directly to the back of the card.

(Where design plays a key role in integrating the RFID chip)

Alternatively, we also offer a HYBRID card where the front panel consist of metal material while the back panel is made of PVC material. The advantage of this is that the RFID chip can be embedded within the card yet still readable as there is no interference. Best of all, this hybrid card allows our customers to do their own in-house printing.

Wood is another popular choice that many hotels use as their room key access cards. Wood is a good alternative because it is compatible with both magnetic strip and RFID chips. As wood is from natural sources, the wood grain will be unique and therefore, do expect some to variation in shade. Other than metal and wood substrate mentioned, we also offer various combination and unique substrate base proposals to our customers.

The list goes on when come to innovative ideas, our brain storming team constantly come out with wild ideas as to stand out from the rest. Approach our team and we can have an in-depth discussion and let us do the rest for you when come to special effect if this is the direction you heading.

Most special features cards can be either normal cards or embedded with RFID chip and if you like, we can even include LED light being embedded into the cards and once the cards go near any reader the LED light will be lighted up without any battery connected. Sound a little high tech isn’t it !!!!


Please contact us and share your wild ideas and let us do the thinking to make your card unique!

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